Brutal Murder are founded in 2000 by the guitar player Matteo Cuva, soon after Alex Paganin (drums), Andrea “Huber” Pizzaballa (bass), Ivan Bonomi and Marco Piras (vocals) joins the band.

With this lineup they recorded the first demo, “Violent Orgasm”, in 2003 and the first full-lenght “Intracranial Total Insanity” in 2005. In the same year Marco and Ivan left the band, replaced by Ivo Marcandalli.

In 2008 Ivo leave the band and Simone Esposito took his place. In 2009 Huber leave the band too.

At the begin of 2010 sees the light a new full-lenght titled “Death Squad”, in this album Matteo also plays bass.

In 2011 Mattia Bottinelli (bass) and Federico Visini (Lead Guitar) join the band, so they can record their third full-lenght “Cinemurder”, a concept album on the horror movies.

Sadly, in 2015 Simone, Federico and Mattia decide to leave the band, so Matteo and Alex recall Ivo Marcandalli as a singer who accept the offer.
In the summer 2016 the new bass player, Leone Stucchi, join the band.
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